Coffee Brewing

Brewing Your Own Coffee at Home

Brewing your own coffee at home can produce a far better end result than buying coffee even at the best of coffee shops. Not to mention it’s going to help you save some money. But how do you go about brewing your own? The key is in the machine that you use and it’s all about quality over quantity.

Multi-Cup Coffee Brewers

One of the first options you can get for coffee brewing is a multi-cup brewer. These are the standard and for the longest time they were the only thing available. They give you a full pot of coffee at one time so you can keep coming back for more or you can make enough for everyone in the family. Some will give you different options for how many cups you want to make and they all allow you to control the strength of your coffee.

Single Cup Coffee Brewers

These are a little more recent development but they’ve definitely started to take off. Single-cup coffee brewers are typically smaller and they allow you to waste less of your coffee by only making the amount that you want to drink at the time. You don’t have to worry about brewing an entire pot and then letting the whole thing go to waste.

Espresso Brewers

If you prefer specialty coffees you can get an espresso brewer. These units will give you the ability to make a stronger and more concentrated coffee drink. Some of them even allow you to make some additional specialty drinks like americano’s, mocha’s, frappe’s and more. It all depends on the specific type of brewer you decide to get.

Coffee Brewing Accessories

If you’re looking to really get into brewing your own coffee you may want to look at some of the accessories that are available like milk frothers to help with some of those specialty drinks or small coffee roaster machines. These can allow you to buy green coffee beans and roast your own as needed, maintaining the flavor and the quality of your beans.
No matter how you decide to go about brewing your own coffee, you can definitely get a better end product this way. Brewing a single cup can help you save on waste while brewing a larger pot will help you share with the family. All you need to decide is just what type of coffee you want to drink and how much.