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Why is My Keurig Not Filling My Cup?

Keurig coffee makers are a very popular beverage brewing system designed for both homes as well as commercial use. Those who use it are usually in love with it because of the amazing quality it provides. However, sometimes the Keurig brewer stops giving out the right quantity of coffee. So, your cup doesn’t fill up as expected. Are you also facing this Keurig malfunction? If you are, then here is a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to get you out of this rut.

Why is My Keurig Not Filling My Cup?

The most common reason for this issue is a clogged needle. This happens when the Keurig is not cleaned regularly. This leads to clogging of the waterline and your Keurig doesn’t brew the brew size you selected. Therefore, you get a short cup, which can get quite frustrating if you are a coffee lover.


The good news is that this short cup problem is a temporary one most of the time. Here is what you can do to mend the situation.

  1. Check if the cold-water reservoir of your Keurig is in place. Remove the reservoir and place it in its position again to correct any alignment issue.
  2. Go for a water-only brew for the 6 oz. or 8 oz. size using a measuring collector cup. If the expected amount of water was poured by the machine, your Keurig is working just fine. If not, continue the steps that follow.
  3. The first line of the barrier is the water filter. If you are using one, remove it and run the water-only brew. If you got the amount of water you expected, you know it’s time to change the charcoal filter. However, if the brew didn’t come out right, continue to the next step.
  4. You are going to have to unplug the brewer to continue the troubleshooting from here on.
  5. This step involves cleaning of the entrance and exit needles. It is important that you maintain caution since the needles are pretty sharp. To do it right, look for your specific Keurig model’s manual and follow the cleaning instructions given.
  6. After one round of cleaning, plug your Keurig back to power. Now, repeat the water-only brews a couple of times. Make sure you use a measuring cup to collect the brewed water. If you get the right flow amount, it means the Keurig is fixed.
  7. Now, try brewing a pod in your Keurig to be sure that it is working properly. It is highly likely that your machine will be back to normal after the steps above. But if it is not, do not try to fidget with it without the proper knowledge of the issue. At this point, you should contact the customer service team of the company for further assistance on the matter.

Coffee is an important part of the morning/evening routine for a major part of the world and so are coffee machines. So, it can be quite an inconvenience when your dear coffee maker starts acting up. Follow our guide to find a way through it.

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